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DeWalt Corporation recognizes William Kimbrough. William started at DeWalt Corporation as a Survey Crew member over 20 years ago and has listened and learned on his way to becoming a Survey Party Chief.  He assists in project coordination and has used his “on the job” expertise to serve as a construction administrator on particular projects. As a long-time team member, William’s flexibility,  adaptability and “get it done” mentality has made him a valuable and reliable “go-to” guy. William loves his job and the diversity of the being outdoors, working new construction sites and traveling to different locations. William is a loving father, husband, and gamer

“I like the environment at DeWalt. The support of the Corporation’s management makes me want to be a great employee.”

DeWalt Corporation enthusiastically introduces Cynthia Bermudez. Cynthia is an Engineer Technician by day and writer and artist by night. She has over eleven years of experience as an engineering technician and as a specifications and contract administrator. She supports many aspects of a project, having involvement from project initiation to project close, including State and Federal projects. Currently, she helps prepare and process street improvement plans, grading plans, precise development plans, zone changes, and more. Cynthia’s skill set also complements and supports project construction management. Her ability to adapt to various computer programs makes her a valuable DeWalt Corporation asset. Cynthia loves the freedom she’s given to contribute individually on a project while also adhering to the overall vision as a member of a professional design team.

“Honesty, personal responsibility, and trustworthiness are a part of the fabric of this company. With good morale, comes an appreciation of not just the people but of the work itself. I take pride in a job well done.”

Responsive. Resourceful. Comprehensive.

Since 1965, DeWalt has provided multi-faceted, dependable consulting for professional civil engineering, land surveying, planning, construction management services as well as staying on top of new development strategies.


Sub-Surface Utility Management
Surveying and Mapping
3D Services


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Our Mission

DeWalt Corporation provides innovative preparation and processing of improvement and redevelopment plans in municipalities as it has in Arvin at the south end of the valley, and in the Bay Area, for the City of Oakley. DeWalt has also performed engineering services to the City of Shafter, the North Bakersfield Parks & Recreation District, and the Kern Water Agency.

Mindful of the future, DeWalt is a leader in the urban infill/mixed-use development that combines retail and residential space in multiple-story buildings. These multi-purpose structures are becoming more prevalent in California, along with the call for the planning and design of sustainable communities. It’s a call DeWalt can answer with quality results because the company stays out front of the latest design trends.


Sub-Surface Utility Management: Our SUM department has been designed and developed with a culture that values the methodical. Methodical research…Methodical search. The DeWalt Corporation SUM department complements their methodology with technical equipment that reinforces and supports our commitment to meticulousness and thoroughness. Our certified staff also commits time and effort in continued improvement of their knowledge and process. >>

Engineering: Our professionally licensed engineering staff is diversely experienced…capable communicators and collaborators with our valued clients as well as with governmental agency representatives. Our emphasis on communication makes us your “local everywhere” consultant. The DeWalt Corporation Engineering staff is focused on civil and transportation engineering solutions that are functional and reliable. >>

Surveying and Mapping: The DeWalt Corporation Survey Department is staffed with technicians and professionals using methodology that is sound and reliable, assuring our clients survey data that is accurate and dependable. With great respect for our clients and the prompt completion of their projects, the DeWalt Corporation Survey Department focuses on timely response to requests for survey. We count on collaborative relationships with our customers to ensure smooth flow of data from field to office. DeWalt Corporation invests in survey technology that complements our professional staff. >>

3D Services:The 3D Services Department recognizes the value in accurate collection of 3D data for point cloud registration. The 3D staff at DeWalt Corporation incorporates precise survey techniques into its 3D data collection methodology, ensuring data that is suitable for accurate 3D modeling.  DeWalt Corporation’s 3D Services department is supporting and consulting with clients and other professionals that want the security of designing and engineering projects in a 3D environment. Laser scanning of existing site conditions creates the most reliable and accurate base for a BIM project. >>

Team Building

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