Aaron Byrd

Aaron Byrd

It’s not unusual for some surveyors to come upon their profession quite by accident, but it’s far from the norm for a brand new one to assign himself homework — over the weekends, no less!

But that’s exactly how Aaron Byrd, Director of Surveying at DeWalt Corporation, discovered his career calling.

What started out in 1987 as a good summer job — at the surveying company where his mother worked as the office manager — would soon “click” for Byrd.

And he’s never looked back.

“I learned very quickly and just ate it all up,” said Byrd of his early surveying days, when he’d spend free time on weekends learning about all the industry’s latest and greatest equipment and techniques. “I would take the new equipment home and just study everything.”

Soon enough, the “new kid” — to this day, a self-admitted “techie” — knew enough to supervise his own crew, and from there, his surveying career blossomed.

Math always came easily to the Bakersfield High School graduate, making the transition to using mathematical formulas and concepts in surveying tasks that much more logical.

Byrd said he’s given opportunities for professional growth — and more — at DeWalt Corporation, and he looks forward to even more expansion of the company’s surveying department.

“I absolutely love the opportunities to develop and learn at DeWalt,” Byrd said. “This is where I’m supposed to be.”

Rather than disregard new technology, innovative techniques or progressive philosophies, we welcome the opportunity to expand our knowledge.

If there’s a trend out there, we want to know about it, learn it — and analyze how it can benefit our clients.

Through education, workshops/seminars and participation in professional organizations, we are able to take the extra steps that strengthen our foundation of expertise and reliability.


  • CA Land Surveyor PLS 7972
  • Certified Federal Surveyors Program (CFEDS)


  • California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA)