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DeWalt Corporation will respect the successes forged by the diligence and resolve of the Corporation founders. The longevity of corporate achievement and consistency over decades of dependable service and reliable production provide a solid foundation to support current operations and future endeavors.

In dealing with all aspects of DeWalt Corporation activity, management will operate with honesty, integrity and in a manner that would be worthy of God’s blessing. All DeWalt Corporation employees will respect their valued clients by honoring their professionalism through collaboration and communication and will display their resolve to serve their valued clients by responding to them and their projects needs in a timely and professional manner. DeWalt Corporation will strive to identify a client base that has similar core values as DeWalt Corporation.

DeWalt Corporation employees will respect themselves and their professions by working with frugality, efficiency, industriousness and by trying to achieve form, function and reliability in their work product and in their work process. DeWalt Corporation management will endeavour to identify staff that show initiative, superior work ethic and resolve in their approach to work and life. Out of respect for themselves and as an extension of their adherence to these qualities, DeWalt Corporation management and staff will strive to constantly improve themselves and their work product and process.

In the course of operations at DeWalt Corporation, decision making involving corporate matters will be carried out with deliberation, humility and compassion for those affected; always with reflection for how each decision will move closer to the objective of improving and benefitting the DeWalt Corporation vision.