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3D Services

DeWalt Corporation values technology that supports our pursuit of practical and functional professional service delivery. Technology that also enhances our ability to supply our clients with the precise and accurate data needed for their projects garners our interest and examination. With much deliberation and consideration, DeWalt Corporation has invested in 3D Laser Scanning equipment. DeWalt Corporation management has supported their asset investment with education, training of enthusiastic staff and process development for the implementation of DeWalt Corporation 3D services.

Simply put, 3D Laser Scanning uses a pulse of infra-red light to measure objects in their real-world position. Data on the scanned objects are collected as 3 dimensional, colored points. A typical scan setup will produce millions of individual 3D data points to capture, electronically, an extremely accurate “cloud” representation of the original objects shape and appearance. Multiple scans are then registered, or connected together like the pieces of a puzzle, to create a 3D Point Cloud that is correctly reflective of the original objects.

The 3D Point Cloud produced from Laser Scanning can be used in many different ways:

  • Pull accurate measurements from the 3D Point Cloud
  • 3D virtualization (without leaving your computer, you can walk through a very detailed 3D view of a site, building, facility, etc.)
  • Planning
  • Project design
  • Accurate as-built documentation
  • Construct digital, three dimensional models
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Asset & facility management
  • Inspection
  • Accident reconstruction

Devoted to thoughtful awareness, pragmatic implementation, and practical benefit of emerging technology to our respected partners.

Jeffrey Gutierrez