About Us

About Us

DeWalt Corporation will strive to continuously improve all aspects of its corporate elements. DeWalt Corporation will continue to take advantage of opportunities in their core areas of expertise with thoughtful consideration of the long-term health and viability of the Corporation.DeWalt Corporation will identify and examine logically related services to their core expertise for possible expansion of services in an effort to better serve their valued customer base.


DeWalt Corporation will endeavor to align themselves with clients who share their core principles of collaboration, integrity, and trust and respect for mutual professionalism.


DeWalt Corporation believes that in order to succeed our employees must thrive. An environment will be created that supports, mentors, and educates our valued employees in an effort to advance them to their highest potential.


DeWalt Corporation will earn a reasonable profit for the implementation of their professional services in a proportion that provides for the continuous robust existence of the Corporation and the fair and reasonable reward to Ownership and valued employees.


The engineering department at DeWalt Corporation will be leaders in recognizing the application of new regulations and methodologies. DeWalt Corporation will stay apprised of emerging technologies to study and understand their value and application in our industry. The engineering team will strategically grow their core areas of expertise. The DeWalt Corporation engineering department will continue to produce the ideal design for function and reliability.


DeWalt Corporation will continue to provide the highest possible level of customer service and responsiveness. The survey department will work in collaboration with our clients to exercise our land surveying expertise in a timely and accurate manner. DeWalt Corporation will stay apprised of emerging technologies in the land surveying field to study and understand their value and application in our industry. DeWalt Corporation will thoughtfully exploring expansion into new areas of land surveying service.


DeWalt Corporation will monitor trends in governmental and urban planning and work towards expanding planning services from complementary to comprehensive.

Construction Management

DeWalt Corporation will be opportunistic with regard to the prospect of subdivision infrastructure construction management.