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About Our Team

Susanna Kormendi, M.A.Sc.

Project Manager

Adam Ojeda, P.E.

Civil Engineer

Stephen Bahr, P.E.

Civil Engineer

Robert Balow

Engineering Technician 

Curt Condit

Engineering Technician

Tracie Moser

Engineering Technician

Adam Stubbs

Survey Coordinator

Ernie Montes De Oca

Senior Survey Technician 

Paul Rodriguez

Survey Technician 

William Kimbrough

Party Chief 

James Melton

Party Chief 

Jeremiah Newton


Aaron Blakslee

SUE Technician   

Tyler Shanes


Robert Lux, P.L.S

Project Surveyor 

Stan Blake

Party Chief 

Zachary Jones


Cynthia Bermudez

Engineering Technician

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